Green/Aged Metal Starter Door

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Green/Aged Metal Starter Door


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The Fairy Door Lore

Hundreds of years ago there were a thousand tricks to befriend the Fairy Folk, and twice as many ways to ensure their wrath. Assuming you wished to do the former instead of the latter, the best way was to
make a fairy door.  

You couldn’t keep them out, but a door would let the Wee Folk know they were welcome in your home. An act of kindness that turned troublesome invaders into well-mannered house guests.

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Our doors are hand built, hand painted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Perfect for all the secret places in your home or garden. Place yours somewhere you don’t look every day.  Put them somewhere new, somewhere you’ve never hung other art, somewhere surprising inside or out. After all, the fairies are most likely to come through when you’re not looking.  

The Fairy Doors are NOT made of wood. We use durable plastics and cast resins to create our doors from scratch. We carve the originals, make the molds, and individually create each door. The finished product is then painted with Golden Acrylics making Fairy Doors both UV and weather resistant. You can put your Fairy Door just about anywhere. If they get dirty, wash them off with water and a light scrub brush.

Fairy Doors are another creation from the artistic minds of Chris Pallace & Kevin Serwacki.