Tree Pixie

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Tree Pixie


Though not an Ent this pixie would fit right in at Fangorn Forest. Both Door and Removable Frame are magnetic. The trick to open this one is just push on the side of his nose.

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Pixie Doors are the smallest of the doors we make. Only three or four inches tall. The door can be opened by removing it from the frame allowing you to write notes to the fairy folk, or put a photo or drawing behind it. Both door and frame are magnetic.

Our fairy doors are hand built, hand painted, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Perfect for all the secret places in your home or garden. Place yours somewhere you think the Fairies will be comfortable, inside or outside. Somewhere new and surprising. Remember, the fairies are most likely to visit through when you’re not looking.

They may look like wood, or stone, or metal but our doors are molded and then cast in house. The finished product is made of a weatherproof resin and UV resistant paints. These doors can go adventuring outside or stay cozy indoors.